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Wagner Color Premium Hose

The WAGNER Color Premium Hose is a must have for true enthusiasts. Modern, sturdy and high quality; a hose that can convince even the most demanding of smokers.

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Wagner Color Schlauch - Rot

Wagner Color Hose

The WAGNER Color Hose is a high quality hose for the small purse, available in different colors.

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Wagner Molasses Catcher

The WAGNER Molasses Catcher is multifunctional as it also serves as an adaptor for other head pieces. It is easy on the eyes and the fastening is 100% secure. Never again will molasses be in the stem or in the water.

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Wagner Stainless Steel Diffuser

The Wagner Stainless Steel Diffusers dampen the sound of bubbles and increase the filter effect of water. They are absolutely neutral in taste and close to be indestructible.

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Wagner High Performance Thread Lubricant

WAGNEAR High Performance Thread Lubricant for the care of your hookah. It prolongs the life of threads and other joints.

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