Our range of manufacturing nearly includes all practices of the industry. Through a high standard of quality and a strategy of continuous improvement, Wagner can look back at more than 20 years of experience within the industry. Our satisfied customers include well-known companies from the fields of aerospace, electronics, automotive as well as mechanical and plant engineering. Therefore we continue to manufacture individual parts and prototypes for stress-optical experiments for clients based mostly in aerospace industry. In January 2011, we decided to launch the new product line and brand “WAGNER High Quality Hookah Parts”. This venture brought us into the hookah business and since then we have been developing and producing high quality products for hookah pipes.

  • 1989 The founding of the company Wagner as a supplier to the electronics industry in a garage in Neunkirchen. It began with only two conventional lathes
  • 1990 The purchase of the first CNC machines and change of the company name to “Wagner CNC Precision Manufacturing “. Through a steady increase in contracts due to successful high quality deliveries we soon outgrew the premises
  • 1993 Expansion of the machining equipment with a 4-axis machining center
  • 1995 Begin of construction of the new company building in the industrial area of Neunkirchen. After its completion in December, Wagner moved into the new company buildings
  • 1998 Expansion of the machining equipment with two further CNC-lathes
  • 2008 Introduction of a quality management system to better meet the demands of our clients
  • 2009 Replacement of the old milling machine with a modern 4-axis high-speed machining center
  • 2011 Introduction of the new brand “WAGNER High Quality Hookah Parts” with the launch of our first product, the Wagner Stainless Steel Diffuser
  • 2012 Launch of our Premium Hoses for hookah enthusiasts
  • 2013 Launch of our Budget Hoses and our own high performance threading fat
  • 2015 Launch of the Wagner Molasses Catcher